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Welcome to the Horn @ Home, the Horn Gallery’s brand new virtual space! On this site you’ll find virtual concerts, band Q&As, and more! Feel free to scroll through and groove to all the sweet music we have to offer!

Horn @ Home

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Skullcrusher & Runnner

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Skullcrusher & Runnner Poster

Spring Lineup

Squirrel Flower Poster

Professor Caveman

Professor Caveman Poster

Mia Day

Mia Day Poster

Choir Boy

George Clanton

George Clanton Poster


FinalXOXO Poster


Sidney Gish Poster

Otto Poster

Caroline Polachek

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Caroline Polachek Poster


ssaliva Poster

Kate Bollinger

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Kate Bollinger Poster

Jeb Vonderbrugge

Jeb Vonderbruegge Poster

Jeski Vaca

Jeski Vaca Poster


Hi-C poster

Cakedog KenyonMIX



CAKEDOG poster

The Lineup

Horn @ Home

The Horn @ Home is a brand new offshoot of Kenyon College’s student-run music venue, the Horn Gallery. Historically, the Horn Gallery operates as an essential element of Kenyon’s student life. We host concerts, open mic nights, and other social events several times a week, offering an inclusive, welcoming space for any and every Kenyon student. We take pride in our ability to bring students together over a shared love for music and art.

With the Fall 2020 semester quickly approaching and COVID-19 continuing its sweep across the nation, we at the Horn Gallery sought out to create a unique social experience in lieu of live music and social opportunities. Our goal was to replicate the typical Horn Gallery experience in a virtual setting and foster a sense of community that everyone is sorely lacking at the moment. Thus, we created The Horn @ Home, a virtual platform that hosts performances from incredible acts like Beach Bunny, Caroline Polachek, George Clanton, and Sidney Gish (among many others). The Horn Gallery staff, consisting entirely of Kenyon students, built this website from the ground up and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Although the Horn @ Home is meant to serve the Kenyon community, we hope its impact will extend to other college students, music-lovers, and anyone in need of some entertainment during these somber times.

We hope you enjoy our site and the incredible music we have to offer. If you have any questions or want to know more about The Horn @ Home, feel free to contact us here.

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